Chef de la Maison

Shop front fascia


Chef De La Maison are situated in Peterborough, Netherton they were looking to stop their takeaway side of the business and focus solely on the outside catering. SO they needed to change parts of the shop front fascia in order to give passing customers a clear idea of what Chef De La Maison does. The old shop front fascia is made up of cut lettering, so this all needed to be picked off and cleaned properly in order to put on the shop front fascia graphics that the team at Productive Design design and printed for the shop.


Below are the pictures of the finished shop front fascia and this is one big piece of printed vinyl, laid up over the stripped down shop front fascia which was already making the process even more time efficient but giving them the best finish possible. It was also important for the Productive Design team to measure and design carefully the window etch, so it all lined up across the shop front even though there are parts which are different heights, making it important to measure every bit that changed. But with the skill and experience fro the Productive Design team they were able to get the window etch to line up across the shop front and add to the redesigning of the shop front fascia.