Lark Energy

Full Vehicle Wrap to Citreon Dispatch

Step 1

First step in doing a full vehicle wrap is to strip the van of all the external trim panels, doorhandles, tail lights and seals. This not only makes the installation more straightforward, but also ensures the best possible finish. Once the van has been stripped the Productive Design team gave the van a deep clean, to remove all grease, wax, silicone residues and tar spots from the vehicle. Particular attention is paid to the panel joins and recesses to ensure the best adhesion for the vinyl, ensuring a durable finish throughout the vehicle wrap.

Step 2

Before the vehicle wrap is applied, the artwork is positioned on the van to ensure all the artwork lines up. This allows fine adjustments to be made before application begins.

Step 3

Once the vehicle wrap is applied to the van, the finishing can begin; trim around all the edges of the panels and moulding the vehicle wrap into the door escutcheons and panel recesses. Once moulded the material is baked using a heat gun and an infrared thermometer to reset the vinyl memory, making sure that it retains its shape ensuring the customer has a longer lasting vehicle wrap.

Finished Vehicle Wrap